Simple Mechanics

Class Weaknesses and Strengths

Above is the Class Chart for Axie Infinity. Similar to Pokémon, classes in Axie Infinity deal more and take less damage toward classes they're strong against, as well as take more and deal less damage toward classes they're weak against. This bonus is at a flat 15% rate. Eg: An Aquatic Axie will take 15% less damage from a Beast but deal 15% more damage to it.

Chaining Mechanic

If two separate Axies play a card of the same Axie type/race, there is a bonus shield amount applied to both Axies.

Combo Mechanics

If two cards are played consecutively on the same Axie, additional damage will be dished out based on the Axie's 'skill' attribute.

Same Class Cards

Playing cards of the same class as your Axie gives you a bonus of 10% for both Attack and Shield.
For a list of Axie Infinity's debuffs, check out