Simple Arena Tips

Here are some simple Arena guidelines:-

General Rules

1. You don't always have to play a card
2. Don't be afraid to use more cards or energy to secure the kill (know the difference between Efficiency and being greedy)
3. Count your opponent's energy (write it down on a paper or something if you can't do it in your head)
4. Always check opponent's Axies' cards (Heal cards mean you'll have to oneshot the enemy to be efficient/ backdoor cards mean you have to guard your back Axies accordingly).

Simple Tips

1. Analyze your opponent's cards and try to count their energy; this allows you to predict the total damage your opponent can output.
Eg: 1 energy means they can play 1 card, and 1 card is about 100-120 damage. Thus, if they have 2 energy, you know that they can deal only about 280 damage.
2. Be familiar with class strengths and weaknesses.
3. Axie is about predicting when the enemy will attack and defend—it revolves around predictions.
Eg: you attack when you think he won't defend and defend when you think he will attack * After attacking, it's more likely for someone to defend.
4. Play around combos trying to oneshot enemy axies (Stack 4 cards and play them on one single Axie in one turn).